Dhruv Patel

Director of Operations

Dhruv was born in India and relocated to the United States alongside his family when he was merely 13 years old. From a young age, Dhruv engaged in the hospitality industry and acquired practical knowledge in various key aspects of hotel operations.
Drawing from his early experiences, Dhruv effectively revitalized struggling hotel operations by implementing sound business strategies. He undertook a comprehensive restructuring of the management team and organizational framework to reduce redundancy and labor costs while simultaneously enhancing crew satisfaction and productivity. As a result, Dhruv consistently achieved enhanced profitability across his hotel properties. His insatiable hunger for knowledge and eagerness to learn new things drive him to seek continuous improvement, which he then implements at his hotels to enhance overall performance.
While pursuing his college education at UT Arlington, Dhruv financed his studies by working in hotels. During this period, he exhibited strong work ethics by juggling multiple jobs while attending full-time classes. Dhruv graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Management Concentration.
Dhruv’s pursuit of excellence extends to all aspects of his life. During his leisure time, he enjoys disconnecting from the world and embarking on hiking adventures or exploring remote locations around the globe, where he can truly disconnect and cannot be easily reached.