Mark Patel

CEO and President

Mark is a goal-oriented and principled leader working within a simple set of operational rules, which he shares with all personnel: be honest and always do the right thing. He believes in utilizing his strengths to help his employees, and the communities in which his properties are located, reach their fullest potential.

As a young child in India, Mark was separated from his parents, who were working hard to bring him and his brothers to America. He learned self-sufficiency over the next several years until his family was reunited in Georgia. Many moves and business ventures later, an adult Mark negotiated the sale of one of the family’s hotels to the State of Missouri for 160% of its original offer – allowing his parents to retire and Mark to strike out on his own.

In 2010, Mark purchased and renovated a Days Inn to massive success. Using those profits, he put in an offer on the Gumble Building in downtown Kansas City; since its opening, the Hampton Inn has been a testament to Mark’s talents in renovation and design. The hotel received Hilton Corporation’s 2017 Conversion of the Year award and continues to be a success in the revitalized downtown district.

Now with Lotus Hospitality’s holdings in hospitality, banking, construction, Insurance, and development, Mark completely invests his time and talents to manage each development project from a dream to a successful reality.