Housing Navigation Center

Lotus Care House is the first Housing Navigation Center in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

A Housing Navigation Center is a housing-focused alternative to emergency shelter. Whereas emergency shelters focus on single-stay beds for individuals needing immediate relief from sleeping on the streets, a Navigation Center like Lotus Care House is focused on helping individuals on their journey to permanent housing.

Through a collaboration with the Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness, the Lotus Care House Navigation Center focuses on providing houseless individuals with a short-term stay, coupled with housing-focused skills development and resource connections targeted at resolving their current episode of homelessness.


Houseless Encampment

1,900 people experience homelessness in KC. 13% of them are unsheltered— sleeping on the streets or intents

Engaged by Outreach Worker

Community outreach workers, collaborating with the Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness, meet and assess houseless individuals in the field. The most vulnerable are prioritized for housing programs.

Temp Housing at Navigation Center

A Navigation Center is an alternative to an emergency shelter. At LCH, an assessed houseless person is given a private room and supportive services (case management, counseling, medical care) to prepare them on their path to permanent housing.

Permanant Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing involves services aimed at self-sustainability. LCH helps supply support during and after the search for housing.